Sunday, March 22, 2009

Can I wear these to work?

I bought these shoes from Aldo a few weeks ago because I've been obsessing over those Balmain studded leather ones from last season.
They're perfect because they go with everything; skinny jeans and a casual tee and any kind of dress. Day or night you can rock these heels.
But my question to myself is: Can I wear these to work? When I showed them to my sister she immediately proclaimed that they were "hooker heels." Her words, not mine. Which led me to second-guess my idea of wearing them to work.
When I dress for work I don't have an exact formula in my mind or a standard uniform; I pretty much wear what I feel like in that moment and I'm usually too tired to try hard. I don't care if I don't match or if my heels are too tall or if I wear a large sweater. I like to mix it up a bit with cool jewelry, tartan heels, schoolboy blazers and I like experimenting with length and volume. So if I'm wearing tight pants then I'll pair it with a loose tee. I also don't like to stand out a lot and I think these shoes might stand out. Just a bit. But will my co-workers think that I'm wearing "hooker heels"? Damnit, now my sister has me quite petrified that I will be labeled the office ho. My nickname will be "Hooker Chloe" or "Hot Heeled Chloe" or something equally embarrassing.

Which leads me to think about what is appropriate to wear to the office. There are a lot of women and some men in my office who dress well but none of them take chances with their clothes or accessories. But maybe I shouldn't judge; it's not like we're working at a fashion magazine. Still, is it taboo to wear something flashy to work? Are women too scared to wear their hooker heels in the office for fear of being labeled a trollop? Maybe it is inappropriate?
But I'm not talking about dressing like you're about to go clubbing. I'm talking about wearing something unexpected like my shoes, or a jacket with big shoulders or neon pink harem pants. Just for fun. Just to challenge yourself and defy the expected way of dressing for work.

I haven't worked up the nerve to wear something unexpected and maybe it's not appropriate for an office that is non-fashion related. But maybe one day I will get the courage to wear my fabulous shoes to work and not be scared of what people will think.


s. said...

i am far too excited you made a post to your blog.

and no, i think you should definitely wear the to work! think skinny black cigarette jeans, oversized american apparel vneck white tee and some long oversized jewellery. hair c/o taylor momsen and youre good to go! oh, and a cute cropped leather bomber never hurt anyone! :)

rani hindustani said...

nice post...made me think.
i'm looking around the feet at my work office, and everyone is wearing sensible black grandma flats...they look more like orthotical instruments. (myself incl). those shoes would probably be trouble here. although one time a coworker wore silver on the Jetsons. Well I say go for it, and if you get sent home for inappropriate wear, well, that's another blog post....

Anonymous said...

these are the shoes i'm this is puneet