Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Anna and Dave

Last night, the Queen Of All Fashion, Anna Wintour, appeared on David Letterman to promote The September Issue. It was amazing.

I barely noticed Dave's questions because all I could do was stare at Anna's reactions. She would alternate between tight smiles and her cold hard bitch face. That woman gives the best bitch face. I love her so much. My favourite part is when Dave asked her what a person could get if they had a $20 fashion budget and she disdainfully replied "you could buy lipstick."

It's obvious that Anna wasn't completely comfortable being up there surrounded by people who are most likely on $20 fashion budgets, but she gamely answered Dave's questions and tried to make little jokes. Please. Get that woman back to the offices of Vogue so she can boss people around!

Another great moment was when Dave asked her what the fashion industry is doing during the bad economic times and she replied that she was going to be at a Macy's in Queens. Queens! Can you picture Anna freaking Wintour in Queens autographing t-shirts? It boggles my mind.

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