Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thank. God.

Fashionista is reporting that the Rachel Zoe Project is coming out with a Season 2 starting mid-next year.
Now I want to know when Season 1 is coming out on DVD.

The L.A. Times says:

I die. I die. Our favorite fashionista is coming back.

Bravo tells us exclusively that the network has ordered up a second season of "The Rachel Zoe Project," the behind-the-scenes reality show following Zoe as she styles celebs, keeps the peace between her feuding assistants and goes on mad vintage-store shopping sprees.

Production has not yet begun, but expect new episodes of "Rachel Zoe," produced by Original Media, to air in mid-2009.

No word yet on whether on-and-off-again rivals Brad and Taylor will be back, but as of October, when I last spoke to Zoe, both were still happily employed.

At the time, Zoe thought Taylor was getting "a bad rap" from viewers, who took issue with Taylor talking back to the boss lady. "Taylor's tough, she keeps me focused. She's there to tell me no, because I'm really bad at saying no," Zoe said. "But I need her to do that. I'd be lost without her."

Bravo also will be unveiling several new series on Thursday.

Now all the network needs to do is tell us when "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" comes back and my Christmas wish list will be complete. And that would be, as Zoe might say, "bananas amazing."

I can't wait to see Taylor and Brad duking it out over nipple covers and garment bags. And will Rachel hire a third assistant like she promised Taylor? Will Rodger be able to pay off all of Rachel's debt? I need these questions answered!

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ARM€N ATO¥AN said...

You don't happen to know how to contact her do you? I really want to send her a resume but i have NO IDEA how to get ahold of her or anyone in her camp...

Thankx & LUV