Thursday, June 25, 2009

The September Issue

I just watched the trailer for The September Issue and I am trembling with excitement. I can tell that the documentary is probably going to rival Valentino: The Last Emperor as one of my favourite fashion docs.

My favourite bits include:

- Anna telling Oscar de la Renta to take out a look she dislikes from his upcoming collection. "I personally would not put this in the show."
- "This type looks so large and pretentious. It looks like it's going to blind people."
- Grace Coddington telling a minion to mention an "amazing" photo, because Anna has "killed half of it."
- Anna's reaction to a minion telling her that "he didn't do the Coliseum dress" in a photo shoot.
- Anna's minions nervously mumbling after she asks them "is this really the message we want to put in the September issue?"

Check it out here


Ondo Lady said...

That looks amazing, I cannot wait to see this. Something to look forward to when summer comes to an end.

s. said...

phenominal. just one more reason why september is always, always the best month. well, and maybe a bit of october too.