Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The highlight of my day

It's been a pretty boring day at work and I am feeling really tired (mostly from staying up late packing for my move on Saturday.) So when I saw the photos of my favourite male model, Jamie Dornan, starring in the Calvin Klein ads with Eva Mendes, I woke right up.

Boy is hot. A bit too greasy, but sexy.

And for some reason, the media is in an "uproar" over the CK ad that features a bunch of half-naked people. Boring! We've seen it all before. I don't see what the big deal is just because there is a little bit of nakedness going on. It's not as bad as all the violence we see on TV. The photos are pretty tame compared to all the nudity you can find in fashion magazines like French Vogue. But it's great publicity for Calvin Klein.

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Anthea said...

I love how they took down the "explicit" banner. I agree with you..we see a lot more violent things on tv. What's the big deal?