Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Under the sea

Who were those off-world sea creatures at Alexander McQueen S/S 2010?

Yesterday's collection set the standard for the future of fashion. The event was live-streamed on Nick Knight's although the video lagged a lot and was choppy, and thanks to Lady Gaga's tweet, crashed the site so many people weren't able to see the video.

I was stunned by what I did see: The models walked to the sounds of drums, airy flutes and breathing in a sort of space jungle trance.

The first thing I noticed were the shoes. At first I thought they had a very alien-like appearance, tall stilettos with a wide front, but then from the side they looked like elegant hooves in reptile skins. Whatever they were; they looked literally out of this world. And kudos to the models for being able to walk in them and make it look effortless; almost as if they were floating in water.

And then there were the dresses. In 3D, computer graphics, laser-cut glory. Nipped waists on dresses with very short hemlines, emphasis on hips and shoulders, liquid leather dresses, outfits that were half-suit half dress, shimmering pants, sheer tops, flowing and bubble skirts and string-like gauze blouses. Colours started off with a mix of reptilian yellow, jade and bright yellow, and then dirty brown (like you would find under the sea,) and stunning blues (which reminded me of the upcoming movie "Avatar") and some midnight black.

This is a collection I will be looking at over and over to try to digest what it means. But what I do know is that McQueen has changed the way I will look at fashion. Here's to forward thinking!

Update: You can watch the show here

(Photos:, @mcQueenWorld)


WendyB said...

There were no Naomi Campbell-in-Westwood moments in those shoes, were there? Everyone stayed upright?

Ro! said...
Beautiful show, I <3 McQ.
Great blog btw!

Chloe Tejada said...

No Naomi moments! Amazing right? Those girls are pros!

The Girl in These Little Black Boots said...

Amazing show, hard to be descriptive with words but you have done it justice! - definitely agree on the kudos to the models!
loving your posts :)

UGG Times said...
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UGG Times said...
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