Thursday, October 29, 2009

Not for vegetarians

I can't decide whether to be repulsed or amazed by this editorial for Vogue Hommes International. It's so confrontational; pairing a pantless model romping around dead animals and their blood. A modern Hannibal Lecter? Or a Dexter (minus the dead people?)

The title of the editorial is "Plaisir Solitaire" or "Solitary Pleasure;" a fantasy of death and nudity. Perhaps it is a political stance saying that whether we kill the animals ourselves or not, we're all butchers if we consume meat?

Whatever the message is, I find it very provocative and I can't stop staring at the photos.

Shot by Steven Klein.


Pearl Westwood said...

At least he is wearing protective plastic LOL!

Jeni said...

The second-from-last photo really freaks me out with the pig's snout!

Really captivating photos like you say though.

Lisa ~ Urban Native Girl said...

It is creepy

Glendy said...

WOW! I hadn't seen these images before, they are very disturbing and intriguing at the same time, I guess we eat meat and at the end of the day the flesh and blood we consume can make us seem like murderers, great post!

UGG Times said...
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UGG Times said...
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Lil said...

Only found your blog today but need to comment even if it seems a little late:

Vegetarians know such photos better than non-vegetarians do.

If everybody who eats animals would remember the "history behind" people would probably begin to think more about what they eat (and if it is really necessary to kill animals to live).

Greetins from Cologne/Germany