Friday, January 15, 2010

Anna, how could you?

When I found out that actress Jessica Biel would be on the cover of February American Vogue, I was devastated. Ok, that's a bit dramatic; I was more disappointed.

Let me count the ways in which Jessica Biel is not deserving of a Vogue cover.

1. She doesn't have a lot of fashion sense (see the MET gala, all of her movie premieres).

Let me elaborate: Her style is boring, matronly and predictable. Nothing to write home about.

When there are actresses such as Diane Kruger leading the way in fashion, Biel can't even compare. Diane Kruger is way more deserving of a cover.

2. She is a bad actor (see Powder Blue, I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry, The Illusionist, etc.)

3. She has, on numerous times, complained that her beauty has hindered her career. Snort! What an insult to the likes of talented and beautiful actresses such as Emily Blunt, Marion Cotillard, Anne Hathaway, Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson.

4. She has never been in a movie where she is not the girlfriend/sexy love interest. In other words, her roles are boring.

And this is the woman Anna Wintour chose to be on the cover of Vogue. It's insulting to all the other amazing actresses out there. True, Biel is beautiful; but that's only skin deep. There is nothing else there. Trust.

And really, when was the last time anyone really cared about her? Exactly.


Annie said...

BRAVO TO EVERYTHING YOU JUST SAID. Who wouldnt rather see Gabourey Sidibe, or Kruger, or ANYONE on the cover of Vogue. I cant describe how BOPRED this cover makes me. Arrggghh!!!

Landice Anderson said...

It's not a good choice at all. In my opinion, she isn't even that pretty.