Sunday, November 16, 2008

Good reading: Kate Moss Style

I just finished reading Kate Moss Style today and I have to say that I now realize what a huge influence Kate has been on the fashion world. The read itself is kind of boring; it's like a really long article with interviews with Kate's friends, stylists and vintage dealers. They keep repeating that Kate has great style and how she is a style icon. The real treat is the photos of all of Kate's looks from when she was a teenager, to her days with Johnny and Pete to today as a TopShop business queen. Her transformation is amazing to watch. It's so much fun to see the vintage clothes she picks out; from a goth Victorian ruffled cape to a Swarovski crystal beaded flapper dress. Her choices are always unconventional, forward-looking and un-trendy.
It's amazing to see how her choices, whether it be skinny jeans, moccasin boots and fur jackets, have become popular trends as soon as she is photographer wearing them.
I love her rock-chic I-don't-give-a-shit attitude.

Here are pics of some great Kate Moss moments:

Leave it to Kate to dress the complete opposite of everyone else. While all the other actresses at the Cannes Film Festival were dressed in flouncy ballgowns; Kate went with a simple grey dress and stood out. This woman really takes chances. I miss the Johnny Depp days...

Leopard on leopard. Love it.

Probably my favourite Kate Moss dress is this customized Swarovski flapper dress. And I love how she paired it with Mary Janes.


Ondo Lady said...

I am not a huge, huge fan but I have to admit that she has an amazing sense of style.

Anthea said...

Well I am kind of tired of Kate Moss and hate that Mario Testino only wants to photograph her..I can't argue that she is a style icon..great images and post. I tagged you !! Check it out ;)

s. said...

I love Kate Moss and her evolving style. And I agree with the Swarovski flapper dres. Absolutely gorgeous!

Veronika said...

Kate Moss is the coolest chick around. Nice blog.

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