Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What was I thinking? Chanel flats?

I really need to rip up my credit cards. Yesterday I had time to waste before meeting a friend to see "Rachel Getting Married" so I went to Holt's just to look at beautiful bags. Nothing caught my eye (thank God) until I wandered into the Chanel boutique. And I saw them. The perfect pair of flats ever created. Black lambskin leather with a black patent toe. They were perfect. I had the SA put them on hold for me and I'm supposed to pick them up today. But holy shit they are expensive. And I'm really starting to think that $650 for flats aren't worth it, even if they are Chanel. Hmmm. So I've been debating all day whether I should get them after I get off work. Which means I have four hours to make up my mind.

I took my question to the Purse Forum and asked the ladies there what they thought and got some mixed answers ranging from "Yes they will last forever" to "are you crazy for spending that much money?" Noted.

I do want classic black leather flats but I know I can get amazing ones for way cheaper. But they won't have Karl Lagerfeld's stamp of approval. And I want a whiff of Lagerfeld in my shoes.
I am leaning towards not getting them since I just maxed out my credit card for the Yves Saint Laurent Muse Two bag and I can spend the money saved on Christmas presents. I can't wait for Christmas.

Update: I decided not to get the flats. I'd rather get Christmas presents!


WendyB said...

I'm not a good person to answer, probably, since I don't wear flats...but a lot of flats seem pretty interchangeable to me. I'd rather spend money or a more distinctively Chanel piece.

s. said...

i agree with wendyb on this one.

a much more classic pair of chanel's, maybe a patent, quilted black leather pair, would work better than these, since they're only pipped with black.

save your money and keep searching.

even though they are super cute.

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