Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My current obsession

Last night I watched the special features on the Marie Antoinette DVD since I was too tired to sit through the whole movie and it reminded that I needed to post about one of my favourite male models, Jamie Dornan, who plays Count Fersen in the movie.

I first noticed him because of his spectacularly huge blue eyes. They are gigantic and a really deep shade of blue. Swoon!

Anyway there is this scene in the movie where Marie Antoinette (Kirsten Dunst) and her friends are playing games and drinking at night and Fersen (Dornan) won't stop staring at her. But it's not creepy, it's hot. So hot in fact that right after the movie I looked him up and discovered that he is a model, who has shot campaigns for Calvin Klein, Armani Exchange, Dior Homme and more recently Bvlgari and Aquascutum with Gisele Bundchen.

New York magazine has a great quote from him:
I mean, people aren’t really interested in male models that much, are they?

I see his point. Can you name more than a couple of male models off the top of your head? Right now I can only think of Tyson Beckford, that Brad guy from Chanel and Antonio Sabato Jr. Which is pretty sad because there are tons of male models out there but we just don't hear about them. But this is a conversation for another post. On to more Jamie Dornan...

Dornan is Irish (hot!) and was born in 1982. He's dated Keira Knightley (yay!), Kate Moss, Lindsay Lohan (boo!) and Sienna Miller.

He is also in a band called Sons of Jim.

But what do I care about all these details? I just want to see photos! So here are some great shots of Jamie Dornan, clothes and not-so clothed. Enjoy.

More: Jamie Dornan page on The Fashion Spot

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