Sunday, July 26, 2009

Love for Emma

If anyone has seen the Harry Potter movies than I'm sure you know who Emma Watson/Hermione Granger is.

Lately I've been noticing her more, not just because of all the press she's being doing for the Half-Blood Prince, but because of what she's wearing. When she went on the Late Show with David Letterman, I fell in love with the Christopher Kane dress she was wearing.

Here it is:

After that, I poured through photos of Emma to check out what she's been wearing. And I discovered that she's a fashion girl through and through. Her style is very British and all about individuality. It's no wonder that Karl Lagerfeld and Christopher Bailey love her.

She's the cover girl of the August issue of Teen Vogue and the photographs are beautiful. Check them out:

One of the reasons I love Emma's style is that she's not afraid to take chances but (and this is very important) she dresses her age!

Unlike some teen stars who dress as if they are in their 20s and try to show as much skin as possible; Emma always looks classy and stylish but age-appropriate and young (she's 19.)

You will never see her force feeding us her cleavage and you will never have to worry about seeing her panties (except for that hilarious incident at the Half-Blood premiere where she accidentally revealed nude granny panties.)

I can't wait to see how her style will change as she gets older.

Here are some of my favourite Emma Watson looks: