Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Finding the perfect lotion

Winter is my favourite season. I love watching snow fall and trying to catch flakes with my tongue. I love listening to the crushing sound snow makes when I walk on it with my boots. I even love the crisp, cold air because it makes me feel more alive.

But one aspect of winter I cannot tolerate is the way it treats my skin. As soon as November rolls around, snow or not, my skin transforms me into the elephant man. Thankfully the condition is usually contained to my hands and that is terrifying enough. Painful, deep crevices appear magically overnight and will not go away unless I slather my hands with lotion all throughout the day.

I start off the day with Lubriderm lotion. That lasts me the walk to work. When I get to my desk I pull out Olay Quench. That lasts me either an hour or a trip to the washroom after I wash my hands. And it would continue all day; my poor, pitiful hands being ravished by winter and me, desperately applying lotion in the hopes of having soft, smooth hands for the whole day. Is that too much to ask?

But then a Christmas miracle happened. My friend Michelle gave me the best gift a woman could get (no, not a hot man.) She got me a miracle lotion that not only made the dry cracks in my hands disappear, but made my skin soft and healthy even after I wash my hands.

It's called Glysomed. I know it sounds like a scary drug that gets marketed on TV, but trust me when I say that you need this lotion.

Ladies and gents, go to your nearest drug store and pick up this gem. And I swear to you, you will never, ever, have elephant skin again.

Now I can enjoy the winter again.


Michelle K said...

it is like a miracle drug. for your hands. they should change the name to elephant-(wo)man-be-gone!

UGG Times said...
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UGG Times said...
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Anonymous said...

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