Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Emily Blunt + couture = I DIE

From Vanity Fair magazine; photography by Michael Roberts.

Emily Blunt is doing promotion for her new film, The Young Victoria, in which she plays the late Queen. Fitting then that she model the Paris couture collections: Dior, Givenchy, Gaultier, Valentino, Lacroix, Chanel and Armani.

I love how she is playing a princess/debutante getting ready for a ball. And men tying up her corset! Wonder how Queen Victoria would react to that?

I have a soft spot for historical movies and books so the setting here in what could only be a Parisian chateau has me really excited.

This Dior dress is stunning. So many layers and colours. This photo is so romantic and whimsical.

Getting ready to catch a King.

Are they doing up or untying her corset?

"Let him eat cake!"

"Oh, this old thing? I found it at the back of my closet."

Who needs ladies-in-waiting when you can have hot men at your beck and call?

Just another typical day of trying on the most fabulous shoes in the country.

"You may kiss my hand."


There Will be Beauty

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Karinna B. said...

Another period piece movie???? WAhhhh I would die!!!

love the pics, the costumes and I love Emily Blunt!!! She's too funny...:) Thanks for sharing!