Thursday, April 30, 2009

First the print, now the shirt

A few months ago I bought this wonderful print from Danny Roberts, of the blog Igor and André (please check him out; he is an amazing artist.) Now that same print has been made into a beautiful shirt! So of course I had to have it (again...saving for what apartment?)

Here's the print:

In case you were wondering the shirt is of women wearing Chanel (recognize the sunnies? The Olsen twins made them famous.)

Yesterday I went to check out an apartment on College and Bay streets and it was really tiny. The guy who is renting it told me that when he goes shopping for furniture, art or any kind of addition to the apartment, he really has to think about the space of the apartment and whether the new object would overwhelm it. It got me thinking about how I would decorate a one-bedroom with a small living room.

First off- art. Over the last few months I've been collecting pieces that I definitely want to hang up on my walls. But if I have a small living room and bedroom I won't be able to put up everything or else it would look like a dorm room. So, art (including photographs) can't be poster-sized or else it will overwhelm the room. I like the idea of having one big horizontal print on one wall and nothing on the other walls to keep it balanced. The Chanel Girls in Glasses would be a great centre piece.

Secondly; furniture. Obviously must be multi-functional. The guy who showed me the apartment last night had a table that performed as a table for two; when pulled out it could seat six and he also used it as a desk. Brilliant.

I really want two couches. I big, fat leather couch and a love seat. But in said apartment that would take up the whole living room. So one big couch and possibly a chair would have to do.

Also, definitely a shelf that I could put up photographs, books, comics and other random stuff on.

Maybe I should just take the advice from friends and move into a bigger space that's not downtown.

One of the pieces that I'm dying to get is Danny Robert's Vogue portrait with director Sofia Coppola on the cover. I'm trying to find the magazine too so if anyone sees it on ebay let me know!

Here's the original cover:

There are a bunch of fashion photographs that I've collected that I want to make a collage out of. The Sofia photos in French Vogue are gorgeous and definitely worth putting up on your wall.

The great thing about these photographs is that they're not too "editorial." They're not obviously selling anything; they're just very beautiful works of art. I like that Sofia is showing a soft and romantic side and is not obviously pretty.

(Furniture pics from Ikea. It's the only furniture place I know of.)

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