Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Awesome jewelry find

A friend who I went to Ryerson with makes incredibly beautiful jewelry and every month or so she comes out with new pieces that are to die for. Natasha Ferro's latest creations are up for sale on her Facebook group, One-of-a-Kind-Jewelry, and there are so many that I must have.
Natasha is also a fashion designer, and I interviewed her about her debut collection at Toronto Alternative Fashion Week this Spring. I also learned that this collection will be sold at Toronto boutique Boutique Le Trou so congrats Natasha!
Natasha experiments with a lot of different materials and it's obvious that she loves to try out new shapes with her necklaces. I have bought mostly long necklaces which I wear formally with dresses and even with tank tops. Her pieces are really versatile and what I love about them is how unique they are and that anyone at any age can wear them.

Here is a sample of her gorgeous necklaces:

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