Monday, June 2, 2008

Yves Saint Laurent: A retrospective

I've been thinking a lot about Yves Saint Laurent since his death yesterday and I wanted to see a collection of his most influential clothes. I never realized how he transformed the way women dressed. The "Le Smoking" tuxedo gave women the alternative to wear a pantsuit, rather than a skirt, which previously was seen only on men. Saint Laurent liberated women by giving them the option to choose to dress in a masculine way.
He really trounced traditional ways of dressing and made up his own rules: break them all. This can also be seen in his see-through evening clothes, safari jackets and " rich peasant" haute couture. He changed the way modern women dressed.

A full retrospective of his collections

I got a WWD update that his funeral is being held this Thursday in Paris near the Louvre. Since I will be in Paris then, I've decided to go to the funeral to pay my respects to this grand artist. (Photos:

"Le Smoking"



Black evening dress



Forties Revival

"Love Me Forever"




Pop Art


Evening wear


The Blazer

The Pantsuit

The Pantsuit

The Tunic

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