Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Met ball: The disasters, the fabulous and the crazies

I love waking up to photos of all the craziness that is the Met ball. I could pore over the photos for days and never get bored.Trashing the disasters that celebs wear is fun but equally entertaining is seeing how hard some of these woman are trying to fit in (see Victoria Beckham and Jessica Biel.)

I truly have more fun looking at the Met dresses than the boring ones that show up at the Oscars. For those of you unfamiliar with the Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art) ball, every year there is a themed party at the museum in accordance with a new fashion exhibition. This year the theme was "The Model As Muse: Embodying Fashion."

Why, you ask, is it so amazing? People say it's the "Oscars of the East" but it's not. It's 100 times better because you are expected to wear something avant-garde. No boring prom dresses allowed. It's about pushing the limits of fashion and if you don't "get" the dress then you don't understand fashion. Which is why there are so many celebrity trainwrecks but also fabulous fashion that you don't see on regular red carpets.

So I picked out a bunch of outfits that stood out (not necessarily in a good way) and made me want to laugh, cry, die and fawn over. Prepare yourself!

The ridiculously bad

Leighton Meester
Ugh! Please take it away! Everything about this ensemble disgusts me; her lightened prom girl hair, the garish colours and the weird fit.

Molly SimsHideous. Just hideous.

MadonnaOn models this Louis Vuitton dress looks amazing but on model it's just too much. It's too girly for her. And please take off the bunny headband. I get that she's the LV campaign model but it's too much.

January JonesHaving a James Bond gold moment.

Hillary SwankThis dress offends me because it really doesn't fit her well. It's all lumpy in places where it shouldn't lump.

Blake Lively
She's trying so hard, no? Wish she would tone down the sex just a bit.

Rachel Weisz

She scares me in this dress. It's like one of those murderous dolls come to life.

The special mention bad aka. the try too-hards

Victoria Beckham
I had to show you both sides of this dress so you could see the total ugliness of it. She tries so hard. She wants that Vogue cover badly!

Jessica Biel
Justin Timberlake is so stylish so it makes me wonder what the hell is going on when his girlfriend shows up at the most fashionable event in the States wearing a prom dress. She wants that Vogue cover too.

Emmy Rossum
Two words: Dead Flipper. What is she doing here?

The amazing

Diane Kruger
Classic Chanel. She looks gorgeous.

Emma Roberts
I love that she's so young and taking chances.

Marion Cotillard
Very elegant but not prom dress.

Ashley Olsen
I really like the shape of this dress. Ashley likes to take risks and isn't afraid to be fashion forward. It works.

The party girls- Kate Hudson, Stella McCartney, Liv Tyler, Kate Bosworth
They look like they're having so much fun that I had to put them in this category. I love Kate Hudson in gold.

Anne Hathaway
This was a tough one because I hate Anne's hair. Too poofy. But I like the dress. The purple looks great against her skin. Girl needs to smile more.

Heidi Klum

She's pregnant but that doesn't mean she needs to be frumpy. I like all the layers of tafetta.

Kirsten Dunst

I thought about this one for a while. I was going to put it in the not-sure section but then I realized that it's amazing. It's so different from all the other safe choices out there; but different in a flattering way.

Lake Bell

Pure sex.

The boring

Kate Beckinsale
As per usual, Kate goes with the prom queen Marchesa dress. Yawn.

Jessica Alba

Tights, Alba? Really? The dress is cute but not for an event like the Met ball. Next!

Elizabeth Hurley

Liz needs another Versace paper clip moment.

The models

Cindy Crawford
I love the colour even if she is too matchy-matchy. She knows how to work the carpet. I miss the supermodel days even though I'm too young to remember them.

Miranda Kerr

Only on a model could this Jil Sander dress work. But where is her best accessory Orlando Bloom?

Bar Rafaeli

She looks hot and doesn't need Leo DiCaprio by her side to know it.

Helena Christensen

Not crazy about the dress but she still looks smokin'.

Jessica Stam

The Rodarte dress washes The Stam out but I really like the dress so it works for me.

Claudia Schiffer

I like how this dress is geometrical and peek-a-boo.

Gisele Bundchen

Love it. She's a sexy beast.

Agyness Deyn

She has granny hair but she looks amazing in silver.

Kate Moss and Marc Jacobs

To me, Kate can do no wrong and she certainly was one of the best dressed (in my humble opinion.) She glows!

Alex Wek

That colour! Looks amazing! Against her skin!

Chanel Iman

It's a very mature dress for a 16-year-old but then again, models mature quickly. It's beautiful.

Hillary RhodaI die for the shoes.

Sasha P

Yes! I want more of that peacock cape thing!

Karolina Kurkova

I think she's wearing Balmain. Look at how saucy she is!

Isabeli Fontana

Again, a bit matchy, but I love the colour.

The not-sures

Mary-Kate Olsen
I have a feeling I will appreciate it the more I look at it but for now, I'm just not convinced that it's "good" fashion." The granny factor bothers me.

Anna Wintour

She's wearing Chanel again like last year, but last year's dress was crazy cool. This one is kind of meh.


This is her first big public appearance and this is what she wears? I know that shoulders are in but I just can't get over how big hers are. On the other hand; Rihanna is not known for playing it safe. She wears crazy clothes that you wouldn't wear. I like that she's pushing the boundaries. Besides, she's only 21 so she can get away with it. I would never have the balls to wear it.

Rose Byrne

I think I like the dress but I'm not sure if I like it on her. Her hair is messy.

Kerry Washington

Her Louis Vuitton dress certainly suits her better than Madonna's but is it a bit too much of the 80s?

Of course part of the fun of these best-dressed/worst-dressed lists is that everyone has a different opinion on the clothes. Many of you probably won't agree with my choices.
What did you all think of this year's Met's dressers?


Anonymous said...

Sorry but i thought a Rachel Weisz looked fabulous last night.

WendyB said...

I would love to wear Madonna's bunny ears. That would be fun.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me you though that Miranda kerr looked good in the fug dress, she looked cheap and slutty. She is trying to get attention because Orlando isnt there. And its funny how even a gossip blogger like you cant even make a post about her without bringing him up, Orlando is what made her well know, without him no one would give a shit about her fug ass.