Sunday, May 10, 2009

Eyeliner and cigarettes

I've been obsessing over Lady GaGa for the last month and in particular I can't get her song "Paparazzi" out of my head. Check out this video of her singing it live:

But I first noticed her because of her peculiar style. What amazes me about GaGa is that most people who don't know her music could identify her because of her wacky outfits. She is known as the "girl who doesn't wear pants" and is often compared to Christina Aguilera because of her ash blonde hair and red lips.

Since my revelation about Rihanna's unique sense of style I've been rethinking what I think is "good" fashion and what appeals to me. First; there is no such thing as "good" fashion but there is definitely bad fashion. Second; there are people like Rihanna and Lady GaGa who take fashion to the extreme. They don't dress in a conventional way but develop their own unique sense of style.

What I like about Lady Gaga's style is that always surprises you. It's never the safe choice. Her outfits may be kooky but she makes them work and it's always fun to watch.

Her sartorial choices always include either tight PVC or leather, big sunglasses, impractical heels and weird shapes. She's like a mix of David Bowie, Alice in Wonderland and a pirate but really sexed up.

Here are some of my favourite Lady GaGa looks:


WendyB said...

I love Lady Gaga for being fun and crazy. She knows how to work it and she's really created a tremendous image for herself.

sweetleaf said...

me too!!! ♥