Sunday, May 31, 2009

If I could only have one thing this summer...

Let it be these shoes by Mimosa.

I've been thinking about high heels for a while now and my love-hate relationship with them. Two weeks ago I wore one of my favourite pair of heels to work; they're 5 inches, with a platform heel and a red tartan colour. I forgot to wear socks with them and so the skin on the sides of both my feet were ripped off after walking in them for 10 minutes. Needless to say it was a day where I had to make my friend Michelle get me food because I couldn't make the walk to the grocery store and I had to beg my cousin to bring me flats to wear home. That day, I hated shoes and what they did to my poor, shredded, tired feet.

But despite that, I still love them. I love how tall they make me; I seriously tower over so many people I feel indestructable. I love how sexy I feel when I wear them; the comments, the whistles and the stares I get is awesome. I just feel really powerful and hot in high heels. Flats may be more comfortable (even that is debatable) but I truly believe women shouldn't leave the house without wearing heels.

Unfortunately I am finding it difficult to take my own advice ever since "the shoe incident." I'm a bit scared of them. I'm scared that my feet will never look the same again. I'm scared my feet will take up in arms if I put them in heels.

But I love heels so much that I might be crazy enough to endure the pain as long as I look good wearing them. Of course this may involve hobbling down the street, moaning in agony, but hell, I look damn good in them. I'm just going to wait until my scars heal a bit more.


WendyB said...

These are stunning. Have a talk with your feet, see if you can persuade them.

La Femme Chic said...

Those are gorgeous!