Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Natalia and Carine on CNN

As you know, Natalia Vodianova is one of my all-time favourite models. I love the way shes comes alive in front of a camera. She has this soft, innocence about her but there is wisdom there as well.

And her life story (at 25 years old) is pretty incredible; she's a real-life Cinderella who was one day selling fruit in her native Russia and within a year, after arriving in Paris at 17, was one of the hottest models in the business.

She also snagged her very own Prince Charming; she married Justin Portman, a British real-estate heir. The couple have three children together.

Yet still after all the incredible changes her life has gone through, Natalia remains very down-to-earth and sweet-natured. She's not a diva at all despite her success.

She appears on the cover of this month's UK Vogue as part of their Body Issue.

CNN ran a feature on her where she takes us to Moscow with her family and shows us her favourite spots to hang out. You actually learn a lot about Russian culture and traditions from her; she's really knowledgeable about her country which is refreshing.

One of my favourite parts is when she pulls out a pink t-shirt with flowers surrounding a portrait of Vladmir Putin and giggles saying "A very important man."

P.S. Not sure why some of the videos are showing double. I tried to sub in YouTube vids instead but they aren't showing up. So please excuse my poor knowledge of HTML!

Part One:

Part Two

CNN also did a feature on legendary French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld. There's only one thing that I thought of while watching her: Fabulous. See for yourself!

Part one:

Part two:

Part three:

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Ondo Lady said...

I saw the Carine Roitfeld one and she came across very well. I don't know that much about Natalia but I will watch the video to see what she is all about.