Wednesday, May 7, 2008

"Give me back my coat, bitch!"

That is what I imagine Masha Markova said to Lindsay Lohan, had she confronted the "actress" for stealing her $11,000 mink coat. Instead, the student is suing the panties off Lohan, demanding $10,000 for the unauthorized loan, but stopping short of actually accusing her of stealing. Which of course Lohan did. Unless she took the coat in a drug-induced haze and walked around in it for days still in a druggie coma. How else do you explain how the actress walked in to club 1Oak in a black coat, and came out in a coat that is not said black coat but a mink one. Maybe Lohan just thinks she deserves to wear that coat, not this mere mortal named Masha. "I'm Lindsay fucking Lohan," the "actress" probably thought to herself. Yes, you are Lindsay. Yes, you are. It's a good thing that celebrity rags exist or else Lindsay "Shady Fingers" Lohan would not have been caught.
Oh and this post is fashion-related because it deals with a coat.

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