Thursday, May 8, 2008

The horror! Perez Hilton launching clothing line

Read it and weep. The blogger announced his evil plan to introduce a clothing and accessories line to be sold at and in Hot Topic stores. Thank God there is no Hot Topic in Canada, although I am curious as to the quality of the materials.
So what kind of "clothing" will it be? Women's hoodies, t-shirts, accessories and footwear.

"The line, which debuts on June 6, will range in price from $1.75 to $46, and will include products like Gossip Gangster Flip Flops, Perezcious Pink and Purple Lip Gloss and P-Nasty Shades–just to name a few."
"It seems natural to make products that my readers will love and hopefully some guys will rock it too," he said. "Some people might even call me a perfectionist, well that person would be me! I'm very passionate about my brand. I have extremely high standards and I like to get my hands dirty!"
I keep seeing these lines from the likes of Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag that give me nightmares," he says. "My brand will be very conscious of my audience."

At least Lauren Conrad went to fashion school and knows a few things about design and all those extra details about how to make a clothing collection. Even though Lauren won't win designer of the year, at least her clothes are a bit more classy than shirts that say "Gossip" on them. (Photo: Getty Images)

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