Monday, May 5, 2008

The Hills recap

This episode is about people taking space. Heidi is giving herself more space away from Spencer by going to Vegas and the distance between Audrina and her "roomates" Lauren and Lo grows into a wide abyss. Let's see how this happens...

- Heidi tells Brent (her "boss") that she wants to commit herself fully to Bolthouse even if that means relocating. Of course Brent has something up his sleeves and says they are expanding club Hyde to Vegas. Vegas! That's perfect for Heidi! Who knows what shenanigans she can get up to there. Best moment ever: Brent's quizzical expression after Heidi says she is
up to the challenge."

- Lauren and Lo talk about how they never see Audrina. That's because you banished her to the slave quarters and always talk about her behind her back. Bitches.

- Stephanie tells Heidi that her and Spencer "are perfect for each other." Wait, what? Hasn't Stephanie witnessed first hand at what a douchebag Spencer is? What a memory this girl has.

- I sense that Audrina is going to move out. Oh the dramz! The fact that she was not named a "mommy" to the surprise puppy is the last straw.

- Despite the highschool antics of Lauren and Lo, Audrina invites them to check out a band with her. The girls, after much pondering (shopping or hanging out with our friend?) go to the studio to check out the band...and leave promptly after about 10 seconds. You can tell Audrina is miffed.

- Best scene ever! Stephanie tells Spencer to get his lazy ass out of her apartment for good. Spencer naturally acts like the douchebag he is by putting his fingers in his ears and saying "la la la la." Jesus.

- Lauren and Lo discuss how distant Audrina seems. Maybe it's because the two of you are acting like teenagers by pointedly ignoring her and being rude.

- Heidi is on the SBE private jet *snicker* and reveals that she is more commited to the company because she doesn't have a boyfriend anymore. Sam, the owner of SBE, hits on her.

- Audrina and Justin Bobby get together and Justin actually listens and gives good advice. He tells her she should move out of her slave quarters and get her own apartment. Do it Audrina! You don't need those bitches!

- Spencer comes crawling back to his old house with Heidi (hey, homeless scenes in The Hills just wouldn't do) and discovers that she is not there. Da da DAAAAA

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