Thursday, May 15, 2008

Whitney Wins 'America's Next Top Model'

So the first plus-sized, um i mean, "full figured" model in the history of the show won the prize. I was shocked because I thought that not only were her pictures mediocre at best, and the judges never liked them, but her walk was horrible. I predicted that Fatima would win but as soon as they kicked her off, I realized that the rules had completely been thrown out the window and that Anya would be done for.
Not to knock Whitney, she can be pretty when she's not sucking in he cheeks looking like Anna Nicole Smith, but Anya actually looked like a model. Her photos were beautiful, her walk was better than Whitney's (though not stellar) and she was a natural.
I believe that Tyra had an agenda since the beginning to have a plus-sized girl win the competition. My co-worker who wrote a blog about it, said that in retrospect, it looked like the producers were making sure Whitney would win because the girls did their go-sees in New York. If they did the go-sees in Italy, there would be no way the designers would be able to find clothes big enough to fit her (you know how those skinny-obsessed Italians are.) We can picture Tyra trumpeting on her talk show about how this season was groundbreaking and because of her, the modeling industry will change forever because a plus-sized model won. Well Tyra, wait until we see if Whitney will actually get real modeling work before you go on your show to talk about her success.

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