Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Spotted: Tila Tequila wearing a denim dress with her boobs staring at me

Tila and I at the MTV building in October 2007. Note the sparkly top.

Yesterday I interviewed Tila Tequila at the MTV building/Masonic Temple about the second season of A Shot at Love. This was the second time I had interviewed her; the first time was last October where she wore a sparkly, low-cut blue shirt and tight pants.
I know that Tila isn't a style icon and that she will wear anything that exposes her breasts to the point where you can almost see her aortas, but I think it's interesting to see what a reality and ex-softcore porn star chooses to wear.

The first thing I noticed was her awful hair extensions. Last year, she had it cut into a cute bob but yesterday you could see where her real hair ended and extensions started. Her eyelashes were very long and fake and I felt like ripping them off to inspect them. She also was very orange, as if the fake tan goop she lathered on had just dried. She wore a lot of makeup but I'm not sure if it was because she was talking to the press or if putting on gobs of self-tan and eye makeup is her daily routine. I'm guessing both.

I also noticed her very large fake breasts. It's easy to notice these because a) She pushes them up and displays them with low-cut shirts and b) she is a very tiny woman and so these breasts look a bit ridiculous on her. She was wearing a dark denim dress that was insanely low-cut. No, low-cut doesn't even begin to describe just how ridiculously low it was. I felt like I should have been talking to her boobs which were as big as her head.

We didn't talk about style, although I meant to ask her who her style icons were and feel sorry for them, but I didn't have enough time.

I think she dresses appropriately for a reality TV "star" who just wants as much attention as possible before her 15 minutes are up. She dresses appropriately for someone who takes nude photographs and has modeled for magazines like Stuff and FHM. She dresses appropriately for someone who makes a song called "Stripper Friends."

Here are some photos of her style choices:

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