Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My France/cute walking shoe

I'm going to France next week and I realized that every pair of shoes I own are totally unsuitable for the amount of walking I'm going to be doing. When I'm in Paris I know I'm going to be cheap and walk rather than take the metro. Unfortunately, I am too snobby to wear basic running shoes because I don't think they are "chic" enough. So I went on a quest to find really cute shoes that would be comfortable to walk a lot in.
Enter Cole Haan.

Last weekend I was persuaded to try on shit loads of shoes just for fun...of course that means that I would have to buy something. I nixed a pair of leopard print pumps (although I am definitely buying them later), I fell in love with a pair of patent leather black pumps but didn't think they would be suitable for walking for miles on cobblestones. And then I saw them. The cutest shoes that looked like I could run a marathon in. And they were flats. Not the usual flats that have no sole support, but had those cool Nike Air bubble things. The shoes are actually made with Nike Air "technology" on the sole to give your foot good walking support, and the rest of the shoe is a woven Cole Haan leather in silver. Even though I swore to myself I would never buy flats, I feel that I can be justified wearing these because they are so comfortable and are more of a running shoe/flat. In short, they are perfect for walking the streets of Paris!

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journo said...

I know your pain. I'm already looking for cute walking shoes for my London trip. I've bought a pair of Tory Burch and am keeping an eye on Cole Haan for boots for fall.