Monday, May 5, 2008

The Met! Superheroes arrive!

Photos are rolling in of the first arrivals to the Met's Costume Institute gala and the theme of the night is superheroes! Holy crap I didn't know Anna Wintour would take it so literally! She looks like she just arrived from space.

My apologies for the watermarks but apparently my subscription to these photo feeds does not include these photos. Arg.


Anna Wintour...from planet Xenu! It looks like she is wearing clams on her hands. I sense a bit of Princess Leia in her...only the buns are on her thighs.

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady...looking very sexy and rich.

Bee purple.

Claire kind of boring.

Emily in Greece?

George Clooney and Sarah Larson...look like they want to get back on that motorcycle and jet to Vegas.

Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger...WTF, are they dating?

Kate a yellow bird of some sort.

Jennifer Lopez....looks tired like she was up all night breastfeeding her...oh wait, the nanny does that.

Michelle riding the Gossip Girl wave.

Naomi Superwoman!

Mischa Barton...sweet Jesus I don't know what I'm looking at.

Julia Roberts and Giorgio Armani...."Crap I thought this was the Oscars....just keep smiling Julia, that's it...."

Liv Tyler...looks elfin...yeah, I don't have anything better than a Lord of the Rings reference.

Camilla one knows who she is except Anna Wintour.

Wendi Dang...Blogger needs smiley faces because I need to put a "WTF was she thinking?" smiling face here. Rupert Murdoch married a wench from the 1700s.

Thandie that a cape?

Karolina slithery.

Jessica Stam...I liked last year's dress way better.

Christina Ricci...cut a star from red cardboard and glued it on the back of this pink monstrosity. She thought: "Superheoroes! Yay! Fun! Stars!"


Anonymous said...

Gislut Bundchen is one homely woman. She looks anorexic in these pics too. Notice she has the robot deadbeat father hanging on to her.

Anonymous said...

Hope this manly woman is worth it Tom Brady. You gave up a relationship with your son to be with her. The sex must be great. Just a thought, give the girl a sandwich - she's emaciated.