Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Hills finale recap

This episode was so anti-climatic and such a waste of time. No questions were answered, no plots lines were really tied up. It left me feeling unsatisfied and disgusted. Liken it to how Heidi probably feels after having sex with Spencer. Ok here we go...

- Audrina and Justin Bobby look at a massive loft together. Guess those nudie pics are really paying off now eh Audrina?

- Spencer looks like a shaggy dog with that beard he has going on.

- When Stephanie tells Spencer that Heidi is in Vegas he says that they are both going to the city of sin to get her. How spontaneous!

- Brent Bolthouse and Sam (the creepy owner of SBE) give instructions to Heidi in Vegas as if she actually works with them. But we know the truth. It's all lies! It's funny how Heidi pretends to know what she's doing. This is what is going through her mind while preparing to "work": "Pencil? Check. Clipboard? Check. Short skirt and see-through blouse? Check! Ok, ready to work!"

- I can't believe I take this shit seriously.

- Whitney returns! She mostly says a lot of "Ohhhs" and gives Lauren that open-mouthed stare but I love her. She's the most normal of the bunch.

- Lauren confides in Whitney that is she and Audrina weren't roomates, she doesn't know whether the would be friends. Well thanks to Rolling Stone magazine, we know that Lauren actually speaks the truth here. The producers found Audrina sitting by the pool, liked what they saw *snicker* and hired her to be their friends. That's Hollywood baby.

- Spencer interrupts Heidi's "business meeting" and they fight. Blah blah blah, like Heidi didn't see this coming. Sam McCreepo makes a lame joke that Brent should find a new project manager. Heidi as a project manager? As if. That's about as real as....oh nevermind.

- Lo starts tearing Lauren and Audrina apart very shrewdly and Lauren gobbles it up.

- Lauren confronts Audrina and it's as if she has never stepped inside Audrina's slave quarters. "You have good taste" she says awkwardly. Lame!
Lauren makes an ass out of herself again by making the problem all about her and not listening to Audrina's feelings. "It's not about you" Audrina says to her. Finally, a word of truth spoken!
But no answers about whether Audrina is officially moving out. But we know she will come season 4.

- Speidi is together at last. They go home for make-up sex. And now I have to get that image out of my mind or else I will vomit.

Well that was the Season 3 finale. Stay tuned for Season 4 in August!

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