Saturday, October 4, 2008

Chanel S/S 09: Shopping bags, guitar cases and other gorgeousness

I always look forward to the Chanel show because I can expect gorgeous clothes, perfect tailoring, great bags and a modern take on the classic tweed suit.

This collection in a way was a summary of all the trends seen this season: Sheer materials, jumpsuits, metallics, crop tops, harem pants, lingerie and statement jewelry.

My favorite part of the collection was a bag: a cute take on the Chanel shopping bag made in leather.

The collection brought out all of the elements of classic Chanel: Tweed, the 2.55 (albeit with the chain handles on the side of the purse), camellias, bows and suits. But it was Lagerfeld's modern additions- sparkly embroidery, bolero jackets, black patent swimsuits and ruffled sleeves that made it special.

I have never seen a designer make a leather version of their shopping bag. It's genius. Brilliant marketing and I bet the leather is buttery soft and will sell for thousands.

It seems that every designer has jumped on the sheer bandwagon this season but Lagerfeld does it in a modest way; pairing it with a statement necklace and lace.

Harem pants
These can only work on models but I love that they are paired with a tweed jacket.

Classic suit
The belt necklace is so rock and roll and really gives this suit a young edge.

Statement necklace
Black jewelry doesn't get enough credit and I think it takes an incredible piece for black to really shine through such as this one.
Statement jewelry

Feathers was all over the runway last season but is still going strong now.

Ruffled skirt
It's a bit folksy especially with that guitar but in a chic gypsy sort of way.

Crop top
This crop top works because it's under a small jacket and a metallic sheer top.


WendyB said...

I love the guitar case! Makes me want to resume lessons.

Trendy Gourmandise said...

i want a guitare cases lol !!!