Friday, October 3, 2008

Maybe Karlie Kloss isn't the best

This spread is from UK Vogue's November 08 issue. Here we have one of my favorite newbie models, Karlie Kloss, dressed up in clothes that only women twice her age should be wearing. But nevermind that. While I think Karlie has a great look, her facial expressions here are repetitive and boring.

Like this one. Her smile looks so forced and unfriendly. It actually scares me. Get those baby teeth away!

And this one. Her face looks like it was photoshopped on from the previous photo. Aren't models supposed to diversity their looks? Didn't they learn anything from America's Next Top Model?

And then there's this. Typical pouty face that just doesn't convince me. I want to believe that you are mad to be in this $3000 dress but the face fails to possess any emotion.

I'm sorry but only Coco Rocha can do the open mouth crazy pout. Learn from the pros, Karlie.

Did Karlie mistake this for a Teen Vogue spread?


Anonymous said...

omg shes a gr8 model ur just jealous.

Anonymous said...

You are such a hater.
& if YOU know so much, then you should know that half the time the photographer/designer are going for a certain look.

maybe smiling like a teen vogue ad or pouting was what they were going for.

Anonymous said...

oh and by the way, go look through an Elle or Vogue magazine.. check out the spreads, the ones that are like 5-10 pages long. And really examine those faces, same person, and literally only two or three different expressions.

Anonymous said...

she goes to my high school and she's super awesome and works really hard and I think she's great. you are a straight hater. go get a life

Anonymous said...

stop hating! shes wonderful

ericajavidzad said...
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Anonymous said...

She is beautiful and a great model.
You are just jelous
and your comments aren't even clever
why do you need to put people down?

she is probably alot hotter than you and you are insecure to talk badly about her.

Go Karlie!

Anonymous said...

She goes to my high school and she's really nice. I think she's gorgeous and there's nothing wrong with her facial expressions. In fact, I'm glad to see her looking happy in the last one. She's been really depressed lately. Get a life you freak. You don't even know her.

Anonymous said...

you obviously don't understand ANYTHING of the modeling industry. go and try to pose yourself in those pictures! most of the times the photographer directs us to do certain poses and facial expressions, and even when we think it won't match with the clothes and background, we're required to do them. so just stop being jealous about Karlie Kloss because she's of the world's youngest TOP models.

Anonymous said...

U R MEAN! KARLIE KLOSS IS THHEEEEEE BESTEST MODEL EVA! ur such a freak to think she's not a good model! just becuz she was a newbie then and didn't know much about modeling u should give her a chance to settle in!

Anonymous said...

You actually don't know much about modelling. So you think watching America's Next Top Model is going to make you a super fashion editor?? Wake up, fashion is none of those things on TV reality shows. Maybe you don't like Karlie, but I'm sure John Galliano from Christian Dior is kind of obsessed with her right now.