Thursday, October 9, 2008

Top things I love about Rachel Zoe

I've been thinking about Rachel Zoe a lot this past week. Yes, it's strange and borderline obsessive but I can't get her crazy fur-wearing bug-eyed ass out of my head.

I blame it on not being able to find episode 5 of her show to download. Seriously, if anyone knows where to get a Rachel Zoe Project torrent for episode 5, please send me the link.

I feel really deprived of her craziness, Brad's total cuteness and Taylor's bitchiness.

So after I got home from work, I re-watched a couple episodes to feed the void.

You may ask me why I am so crazy about this woman who many call the cause of the economic woes we're having (maybe rightfully so. The woman does love her credit cards.)

But I think the reason why I love watching her is because she is a fantasy and leads a glamorous, fantastical life where there are no consequences for shopping till you drop.

I've compiled a completely random, spur-of-the-moment list of why I love Rachel Zoe.

1. Her shopping rampages in vintage stores. Like the time she went to Decades and bought a Birkin on the spur of the moment.

2. Her girlishness even though she's in her late 30s. I love how she gets so excited over clothes that she acts like she just got a marriage proposal.

3. Her disorganization. She never knows what's going on even though she has three assistants and still manages to be the top celeb stylist.

4. The way she lies to her husband Rodger about how many clothes she has bought. Come on, we all lie when we go on massive shopping sprees. I can relate!

5. Her passion for fashion. Fashion comes first for her and it's refreshing to see that she still loves it after all these years and hasn't become cynical or jaded.

6. Her over-the-top way of dressing. I don't always like what she wears but I do think she is an original. She is the original original before everyone started dressing like her. She is a caricature of herself.

7. The way she says "Oh. My. God. I die." And just stands there looking at a vintage something with her mouth wide open.

8. The wrinkles around her mouth and eyes. In a city where everyone gets botox, liposuction, injections and anything else to try to keep themselves looking young, it's refreshing to see Zoe age gracefully without feeling insecure about a few lines on her face. Thank God.

9. Her selfishness and her materialistic needs. So who cares whether she runs thousands of dollars on her husband's credit card? He's not my husband! It's not my money! It's so freaking fun to watch.

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Ondo Lady said...

Yes Rachel is a total trip. I thought it was hilarious when she wanted to stay an extra night in NYC just because she did not want to pack that night. It is amazing how much she relies on her assistants. No wonder poor Taylor is so frustrated.