Sunday, October 5, 2008

So I went shoe shopping...

A friend at work bought these gorgeous riding boots from Winners a couple weeks ago and I just had to have them. So I went to Winners and found them. Problem was, there were many shoes that caught my eye and I had to try them all on. I ended up buying four pairs of shoes, two pairs of jeans and a men's shirt. A very successful day I would say!

I've always wanted riding boots and dreamed about owning a pair of Hermes but that's too expensive for something that will inevitably get dirty and worn. But this pair is just as good; dark chocolate brown, soft buttery leather on the outside, soft suede on the inside and a leather clasp on the outside. They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn and go perfectly with the new pair of jeans I bought. I've never shopped at Winners before but now I have a new favorite store.

Next on my list, a pair of tartan and suede lace-up booties. Pair these with some neutral colours and everyone will be staring at your feet. It helps that the heel is 5 inches which makes me stand at about 6 feet tall. You may notice the sticker on the sole; Winners pastes these things on with so much glue they are impossible to rip off.

Then I realized I needed some new classic black pumps so I found a pair of Calvin Kleins in suede. They take me up five inches too. I haven't worn them out yet so I'm not too sure about how comfortable they are but my guess is they will probably give me blisters. And it's hard to tell in the photo but the heel and sole are embossed crocodile.

And after all this I figured I needed some more practical aka lower heeled shoes for when I want to rest my feet. Enter brown zip-up booties with a square toe. Still stylish but not as perilous as the others.


Paulina said...

Nice pics... you have a nice choice in shoes.... well, I too admire shoe at Timberland.

FAPORT International said...

Wow!! nice collection of shoes..i like your choice,nice blog:-)