Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Patricia Field's new clothing line

For those of you hoping to capture the spirit of Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and/or Charlotte in their clothes, well, now you can.

Patricia Field, who was the costume designer for Sex and the City the series and the movie, has come out with her own clothing line.

The best part is that the outfits are pretty cheap and actually look pretty and wearable.

There are a lot of Carrie references such as skin-tight mini dresses with studded belts, lots of bright and bold prints. It's a fun and flirty collection with a lot of party-girl essentials.

It pretty much is designed for the Carrie girl except for a couple of ruffled Charlotte-inspired frocks and some Samatha-esque catsuit ensembles.

The accessories include fedoras, ankle booties and alligator gloves.

My favourite look is a shimmery bronze jacquard dress with a black leather studded belt. Very Carrie.

But I'm not sure how innovative this collection is. To me it seems that a lot of the looks are just watered down versions of the real designer clothes on Sex and the City. And the clothes on the show looked a lot better than Field's. But for this price, I can't complain too much.

You need a slammin' Sarah Jessica Parker body to rock this dress.

A little bit of Upper East Side Charlotte.

No one can rock at catsuit like Samantha.

This is such a Carrie dress.

This belt looks like an exact copy of the one Carrie wore in SATC: The Movie.

Update: And for comparison, here is Carrie (and her belt) in SATC: The Movie:

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