Sunday, October 26, 2008

L'Oreal Fashion Week: RUDSAK

I already stated that Morales was my favourite show of the week, but RUDSAK came in second with gorgeous leather jackets, pants, to-die-for bags and the hottest male model I've ever seen.
My co-worker whispered to me after the first couple of looks came out, "This is so you." And it really was. Short and tight leather bomber jackets in black, brown and best of all, coral; super short leather shorts; colourful scarves were wrapped tightly around the neck; white and black leather skinny pants; belts with large, shiny silver plaques; classic white blouses; mini vests; fingerless leather gloves and leather fedoras. It was all very rock n' roll and all-out sexy. Definitely my style.

And the bags. My favourite was a leather coral handbag which looked so buttery soft I wanted to take it from the model right there. The designs were so simple and classic. White shoulder bags with outside pockets and adjustable straps; black leather clutches with ruching in the middle; satchel bags that could also double for handbags; and for men, large carry-on and travel bags and beautiful side-bags.

My other favourite part of the show had nothing to do with clothes or accessories: a gorgeous male model who smirked his way down the runway had all the girls (and guys, including Project Runway Canada winner Evan Biddell,) swooning in their seats. He had blue bedroom eyes, perfectly chiseled cheekbones and a swagger to knock us off our seat. Hot.

My camera was dying at this point so I'll put up CP photos instead.


s. said...

don't you just love how everything for spring is black and white!?

spring 09'll be my season. i can just feel it.

Anthea said...

Too bad you couldn't make it to breakfast. Perhaps when I return to Toronto in one year's time! I worked backstage for the Rudsak other words I got to see those delicious male models! lol They were all really sweet. The collection was magnificent but try getting models in and out of those skin tight leather pants! EEK! My favorite was Denis Gagnon..I just did a little post on my experience working with his team you can check it out. I will link you too!

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