Friday, October 24, 2008

L'Oreal Fashion Week: Joe Fresh Style

I have been so busy with work and all the fashion shows that I've had no time to update this blog as often as I would like. I hope that will change now that fashion week is over!

But now it's time to talk about fashion week.

On Wednesday I had the pleasure of interviewing Joe Fresh Style designer, Joseph Mimran. We talked a lot about what our bad economy means for his label and how he factors Canada's economic situation when he thinks about the clothes he designs.

We also talked about the lack of diversity on the runway as well as the future of Canadian fashion. Joe is very articulate and well informed of world events; he doesn't live in a fashion bubble although it is obvious that he cares very deeply for fashion and Canadian fashion in particular.

I got to interview him while the models were doing the run-through for the show that night so it was really cool seeing how a show gets put together. There were a few models who needed a lot of work in terms of their walk; a couple were walking too slowly during the finale walk and I could tell the coordinators were a bit frustrated. That's one thing that irritated me a bit while watching all the shows; the fact that the models aren't the greatest walkers. There were quite a few slow ones, as well as those who flapped their arms awkwardly and then those who were too stiff. These girls need more practice.

Joe decided to cast an all-Canadian model roster and he told me he thinks Canadian models are the best in the world, citing Coco Rocha (who opened for him last season) as one of his favourites.

About the show:

Joe focused on meditation and relaxing, playing Dr. Andrew Wheeler's meditative tape before the models walked. The lights went out, and a soothing voice told the pumped up audience to close their eyes and breathe slowly. It was a nice change of pace from the usual hectic goings-on at fashion week.

The clothes:

This was a very sporty collection full of shorts (nylon, boxer and terry,) striped tees, taffeta blazers, yoga pants, leather brogues and clear pvc totes and belts. The glasses were large and see-through à la Balenciaga Spring 2007.

The clothes fit loosely but you could still see shape. This is a woman going for a stylish stroll on the Boardwalk. Men wore bow-ties (love the Chuck Bass reference), wool sweaters, button-up knit blazers, boxing shorts and slim pants.

There were very pretty blouses with ruffled shoulders, ruched peacoats, nylonbubble skirts and dhoti pants for the very adventurous.

Most of the colours were neutral; black and white; with some bright dashes of yellow and green. Some pastel lilac was thrown in.

My favorite piece was a gorgeous long green shift dress that just floated around the model.
Most of these pieces are very easy to wear, even for us non-models. Joe made an interesting comment to me about the runway; he told me it's not real, that it's not meant to reflect real people. We were talking about the lack of ethnic people, but I found this poignant coming from a man who designs affordable clothes that are meant to be sold to "real" women.

I think Joe accomplished what he set out to do: He created classic, affordable clothes that are well-designed but not too innovative.

Spotted in the front row: Dan Levy and Jessie, the hosts of the After Show in MTV Canada. Also model/Canada's Next Top Model judge, Stacey McKenzie, showing off her gorgeous, long legs.


s. said...

i was so sad i couldn't see the joe fresh style show, but i went to every single non-BIO show I could, so i was in Toronto nearly every day! I am surprised I didn't run into you! I was even in the media section (they have wonderful free food!) And for the RUDSAK show, I got to move into the FRONT ROW! because someone didn't show up and a lady turned around and pointed to me and mouth "want to sit here" just seconds before they announced we could move into the front rows. I was overcome with joy. It was fab fab fab.

Chloe Tejada said...

Ahh!! I can't believe you were there and I didn't see you! Why didn't we think to meet up???