Monday, October 6, 2008

Help me decide which YSL bag to get

I really want to get the Yves Saint Laurent Muse Two in embossed blue crocodile but I can't find it anywhere. So my choices are between a blue and pink one or a black and blue one.
I like how the pink stands out but I don't know whether it's too cute. I like the blue one because it's bit more rock 'n roll.
What do you guys think? Or should I wait to see if the croc version comes out on ebay?


Trendy Gourmandise said...

oh the blue one !

WendyB said...

I vote for the blue too.

Chloe Tejada said...

I think I am leaning towards the blue one too!

Raana said...

The pink, I own about 9 YSL bags... and they are a great luxe bag that will spice up any low key outfit or compliment any fab outfit. I think if you already have some great basic bags (brown, navy, black, off white) go for the pink. But if you are trying to get you basic bags down... then go with the other. I would go with the pink.. because it matches almost every color (minus red and purple.. ew). you would be so surprised. My last YSL purchase was a purple downtowner.. the best buy I ever made.. I wear it as if it were a black bag with EVERYTHING and get so many compliments.
Good luck... but you really cannot go wrong with that bag!!!

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