Friday, October 3, 2008

Model.Live episode 9 recap

The girls are in Paris for Fashion Week. For Madeline and Austria, this is a crucial time because they didn't get casted in Milan and are hoping to ramp up their careers in the fashion capital of the world. Cato has it so easy because she has "the look."

I guess black women and short hair are out in Paris too because Austria and Madeline just can't get a break. Austria is coached by IMG to act confident when meeting casting directors. They must be getting worried because Austria looks tired and haggard; not very attractive to designers.

The girl sits there mutely and tries to comprehend what is going on; if she doesn't get casted for shows, she doesn't get paid which means she can't pay IMG which means she will be in a lot of debt. Her manager muses that she might be a bit young to handle all this but defends IMG by saying that the girls aren't forced to work in the "model army." Austria realizes that she is on a short leash but looks too tired to care.

Madeline on the other hand is trying her hardest to impress the casting directors. She jokes around with them, gives them hugs and acts happy and confident. She feels like Paris will be her break because she has been here before and knows people.

Unfortunately even though the designers like her and act really friends, she doesn't get cast for any shows. This often happens in fashion; a girl might be gorgeous but if she doesn't fit in with the show's "look" of the season (it changes all the time. Short hair is in one season and out the next) then she won't get booked.

Poor Madeline tries on seven dresses for Fatima Lopes and still doesn't get booked. And even though she "looked gorgeous" at Vivienne Westwood and Issey Miyake, they don't book her either.

This is one of the frustrations of being a new model because there isn't much they can do when they don't fit the vision of a casting director. Madeline cries a few times in frustration and says "Everybody's so sorry, and they love me, but everyone wants Cato." My heart. It breaks.
But at least she gets to do an editorial shoot.

Cato has a pretty easy time; she books a show and gets to see her boyfriend. Life is so easy isn't it Cato?

Next week will show how the rest of Paris Fashion Week shapes up for the trio: Will Cato book a big show? Will Austria and Madeline book any?

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Ondo Lady said...

Although Cato is having a far easier time than the other girls, I do not see that as any reflection on her. She just happens to have the look that the designers are after so that is just her good fortune. It is just pot luck for Madeline and Austria and who knows maybe this time next year they will be the ones booked for all the shows while Cato gets turned away because her look is dated. This does make me wonder why IMG took on Madeline and Austria or sent them to Milan (which is renowned for being a meat market) and Paris if they knew that their looks were not in vogue right now. I would have thought that IMG would have their eye on the industry and have an idea on what is hot.