Monday, April 14, 2008

Gisele engaged?

Page Six is reporting that Ms. Bundchen was wearing a humongous diamond on her left hand, proclaiming "Tom [as in Brady] bought it for me at Tiffany's!" Well at least the man has good taste. But Tom Brady, really? Gisele you could do better! I miss the good old days when you were with Leo DiCaprio. Kind of off topic but this guy I work with insists that Leo is gay and that he dates models as a cover. I do not believe it. Gisele wouldn't do that! She can have any guy she wants so why would she date a guy who's covering his sexuality? Unless she got paid a lot. But still, Leo and Bar forever.

Kind of related update: Apparently Gisele is going to unleash her acting chops on the fourth Austin Powers movie. After seeing her stunning performance in The Devil Wears Prada, I cannot wait to see what she can come up with. "What exactly is she wearing?" was our favorite line in the whole movie. You go Gisele!

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