Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Hills recap

- Have the producers run out of money to give these kids to dine out? Heidi and Audrina have lunch at, get this, the Epic cafeteria. Hope they make good poutine.

- Audrina gives Heidi the funniest look when Heidi asks her if she wants to hang out. It was a "Urk. Lauren will kill me" look. Priceless.

- I wish I could get a job just by walking into an office and start working there like I already have the job. Lauren walks into People's Revolution and starts doing work even though she doesn't have a job there. Good call, Lauren. Now you can skip the interview and just annoy people enough to get a job!

- Kelly puts Whitney and Lauren in their place by saying "Oh my God you guys are so slow!" It was a sweet moment.

- Jessica (a girl who works at People's Revolution) gives Lauren the evil eye.

- Stephanie realizes she made a mistake by letting Spencer live with her when he used up all the turkey for a sandwich.

- Heidi and Audrina go out to a club (better hope the producers don't phone Lauren to tell her what's going down) and what a coincidence! Spencer shows up!

- "Something's about to go down," says Heidi when she sees Spencer talking to two ladies. The producers high-five each other.

- Heidi yells at Spencer but it's not that exciting.

- The next day Lauren questions Audrina about her night and you can see the fear in Audrina's face.

- Is it just me or does the Bolthouse office change every season?

- "How can you love someone so much and hate someone at the same time?" Heidi muses. Strangely enough, I feel the same way about this show.

- Lauren works backstage with Whitney at a fashion show People's Revolution is helping out with. Lots of "good work Lauren" compliments. I sense a job offer coming.

- Was that Kirstie Alley in the front row??

- Heidi and Spencer argue in a car. For once, Spencer actually makes sense: "People call it a breakup not a relationship vacation." Heidi pouts her trout lips at him.

- Kelly Cutrone offers Lauren a job. Qu'elle surprise! Jessica looks worried. Lauren and Whitney are together at last!

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