Monday, April 28, 2008

The Hills recap

"OMG. Rewind. Did you say Justin is coming?"

- MTV must be paying Lauren, Lo and Audrina shit loads of cash because that little house they bought, is not so little. But Audrina gets cast off into the guest house (yes, they are so rich they can afford an actual guest house) like an unwanted stepsister.

- When will Lauren stop acting like she's still in high school? Get over the whole Audrina-is-dating-Justin thing.

- OMFG. Stephen Colletti is back!! He isn't quite as cute as he was in Laguna Beach, but still a better-than-average hottie.

- Brodie traded up to a girl with big boobs. Lauren gives her the evil eye.

- Apparently Heidi isn't over her hatred of Lauren, like Stephanie thought. Instead of going to Lauren's housewarming party, she opts to watch movies with Heidi. At least they don't go out for another "girl's night."

- Holy crap I am loving Lauren's Chanel classic jumbo. I am so glad she finally cashed in her MTV checques and got rid of that other Chanel bag icky Jason gave her two seasons ago.

Awwww Stephen hearts Lauren.

- That dress Lauren wears on her "date" with Stephen is not flattering.

- Speaking of that date...How did I know that nothing would happen? Lauren, as the wise screenwriters from Sex and the City say: "He's just not that into you." He's still got the hots for Kristin.

- This episode reminds me a lot of Laguna Beach: Lots of squealing, pointless remarks about how Lauren and Stephen are going to get married and major disappointment for viewers hoping for some hot action.

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