Monday, April 21, 2008

Manolo Blahnik at Aldo!

Haha just kidding!
I was browsing the Aldo website just for fun even though their shoes make my feet bleed (see post below) and I came upon these silver open-toe pumps with a jewel centrepiece at the front. Know what they really remind me of? The Manolo Blahnik D'Orsays (aka. the Carrie shoes) that I just bought a couple weeks ago at Holts. Are they a total rip-off or just "inspired?" Let me break down the similarities for you:
1. Both the Aldos and the Manolos are silver
2. Both of them have pleats in the leather
3. Both of them have a crystal-encrusted centrepiece at the front of the shoe
4. Both of them are open-toed

The only difference is that the crystal centrepiece on the Aldo shoes is held by leather straps, whereas on the Manolos, the piece sits on the leather.

My judgment: Manolo Blahnik should sue Aldo's ass for copyright infringement.

But this is one woman's opinion. The pictures speak for themselves:

The real McCoy. Manolo Blahnik D'Orsay shoes. (Photo: Chloe Tejada)

See? They are exactly the same!! The Aldo shoes may only be $80 but be warned, they will tear your feet apart. (Photo:

That's beautiful Italian craftmanship right there with Swarovski crystals.

Notice that this Aldo shoe tries to imitate the crystal centrepiece of the Manolo? Pfft.

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