Monday, April 14, 2008

I feel kind of dirty for posting this but...

who am I kidding? I love The Hills so why not post about Heidi Montag's collection Heidiwood? The media-friendly reality-show star debuted her line for Anchor Blue on Friday and if what she was wearing is any indication of how the collection is going to look, be prepared for zebra prints and short-shorts. Well who knows, maybe she will be the next Roberto Cavalli? Ok no seriously, the collection looks horrible. Even Lauren Conrad's line was better than this. Funniest quote from Heidi:"When we were in school, I was the designer, and [Lauren Conrad] was in, like, product development." But Heidi, didn't you drop out of school after the first day? At least Lauren still goes to school and works in the fashion industry. (Photo: Gossip Girls)

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