Sunday, April 13, 2008

Please stop using these dresses

I am so sick of seeing the painted Dolce and Gabbana dress and the armour-like Balenciaga dress in every magazine for the past couple of months. Yes, they are both beautiful and fashion-forward, but do we have to see them in every edition of Vogue, Harper's and Elle? How about some diversity? I realize that the dresses are from the S/S 2008 collection and it is Spring now but I wish magazines would be a bit more creative and stop copying each other. I'm tired of seeing the same designers in every magazine. How about something new? Just because UK Vogue is showing the D&G dress doesn't mean every other Vogue edition should feature it so that they fit in. It is a bit disappointing to see the same thing in every issue. It's hard to imagine that the editors love the dresses that much. Or are they running out of new ideas? Maybe they should start looking to the streets to get inspiration and not from each other. (Photos:, Vogue)

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