Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New Coach dustbags are cheap(er)

I was in my sister's room admiring her new Coach bag when I noticed the dustbag for it. Actually I thought it was some old piece of nylon that she wrapped around the bag but she told me it was the dustbag that came with the bag. I couldn't believe how cheap it looked. Upon further inspection I noticed that the bag is indeed made of nylon with many loose stitches and threads coming undone. The stitching is just a single-line stitch so no wonder it's falling apart. The dustbag itself just looks and feels cheap. I went back to my closet and got an older dustbag to compare. There is no comparison.
The older version is made of soft cotton with red stitching (which by the way is a cross-stitch) and drawstring. Even though some of my dustbags are a year old, there are no loose threads or stitches coming apart. I am amazed that this company, which is making so much money, is letting the quality of the dustbags fall apart. I'm sure this doesn't have to do with their move to China which happened years ago. It seems like they are cutting corners in order to make more profit for their shareholders. If this is what they let happen to the dustbags, what about the bags themselves? I haven't bought a new Coach bag in a while (except for an older style off ebay) because I haven't seen a style I like but I am a bit wary about the quality. I'm going to wait and see how my sister's fabric bag holds up. (Photos: Chloe Tejada)

New dustbag: Notice the loose stitching and threads?

Compare the photo above to this one: No loose threads or stitching on the old version.

The old dustbag, done right.

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