Monday, April 14, 2008

Nina Garcia: What happened

It looks like Nina was let go as fashion director at Elle but was offered the smaller role of editor-at-large. If she accepts, she will still be a judge on the next season of Project Runway, but if she doesn't...well, nothing is clear on that. And all that talk about crying interns and boxes strewn across the floor was false. Too bad. I like the idea of high drama at a fashion magazine, but this is Elle we're talking about, not Vogue. Oooohhhh, I so went there.
I think that Nina is replaceable at the magazine and on the show. Her column didn't interest me and anyone can be a judge on a reality TV show (paging Twiggy!) But I am interested to see whether she will choose to leave the magazine for good or if she can swallow her pride and accept the smaller role. (Photo:

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