Monday, April 21, 2008

The Gossip Girl look

The big day is here! Gossip Girl is finally back on the boob tube tonight and I'm looking forward to a) Whether Blair can regain Queen Bee status b)If Chuck will try to get it on with his new stepsister Serena and c) Seeing all those fabulous clothes. TV has been fashion-deprived since the show went off the air due to the writers strike and no, America's Next Top Model is not fashionable in the least.

To celebrate the return of my favorite show on Earth, I'm putting together a look-book of clothes you can actually afford that imitate the Upper East Side cool of Serena and Blair.
Too bad we don't have the limitless wallet as well. XOXO

The Blair look: Schoolgirl Princess

Blair wears a lot of high-collared frilly blouses, babydoll dresses, long coats, headbands, white stockings, killer shoes and preppy skirts. She kind of has that Lolita look going on but it's very stern and grown-up.

To get the look:

Forever 21 pleated skirt. $25.80

Forever 21 chiffon blouse. $23.80

Forever 21 bow headband. $3.80

Oxford patent shoes. Town Shoes. $115

BCBG cotton coat with balloon sleeves. $318

BCBG tweed jacket. $278

Banana Republic bag. $278

The Serena look: Upper East Side Preppy

Serena is a lot more casual than Blair but she always adds an accessory or one standout piece of clothing that takes the outfit to a whole new level. Serena can be caught wearing sparkly mini dresses, vests, skinny jeans, a big bag, blazers, short skirts and boots over black tights.

To get the look:

Smythe double breasted schoolboy blazer.

Smythe double breasted vest in quilted floral with peasant top and skinny jeans.

Tory Burch sequin mini dress. $340

Coach leather bag. $798

Aldo boots. $180

See You Monday 3/4 length leggings. Want Boutique. $29.50

Bebe skinny jeans. $119

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