Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Gap adventure

I left work an hour early so I could get to the Eaton Centre's Gap to try on the new Design Editions limited edition t-shirts by Philip Lim.

So I got there and there were two racks of maybe a dozen shirts on each. All of the size smalls were gone but luckily there were a few mediums left for all the styles. I grabbed a bunch and made for the dressing room and took pics (without flash so no one would noticed my stealth detective work) so you guys could see what they look like IRL but in crappy lighting.

First all, holy crap the price! All the shirts are $78 plus tax which is the exact amount of tax money I got back from the government. Yay for taxes!

At first I didn't like the feel of the shirt which is made of 100 per cent cotton. It's very thin and lightweight so I was a bit afraid of ripping a seam but when I got it on it felt sturdy and very comfortable. Perfect for the summer.

I tried on three shirts and a dress and picked one out that had a v-neck that ties at the centre, a shirred empire waist and pleated sleeves with buttons. Very cute and I can't wait to wear it.

The threeASFOUR dress looked like a potato sack on me so I will spare you that photo. The other shirts I tried on were cute but I felt didn't look so good on me. I blame the design and not my non-model body. There were some nice details in the shirts such as the pleats, the little neck-tie, the bell sleeve and the picot trim.
Not sure if it's worth the $80 but at least I can say that I own a piece of designer clothing now right? (Photos: Chloe Tejada)

The Philip Lim shirt I ended up buying for $78 bucks. Plus tax.

The horizontal picot trim was pretty on this shirt.

The bell sleeves and the picot trim running down the middle made this shirt elegant yet casual.

The threeASFOUR dress did not look as good on me as it did on Jessica Stam.

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