Monday, April 14, 2008

The jodhpur: Stay on the horseback rider please

I thought that the jodhpur would stay on the Paris catwalk. Unfortunately I was wrong. It seems that the Gap thinks it can convince those who are not models to get our fat thighs into these things.
The latest advertising campaign has Coco Rocha (well at least they got that right) wearing a long sweater, a collared shirt, a cute belt and a pair of jodhpurs. Of course since Coco is rail thin they look fucking fantastic on her. But can you picture the rest of us fatties wearing these? I am anxious to see if this will become a trend. I am guessing not. Too many women still love their leggings. However I think I will drop into the Gap and try them on just to make sure that I will look ridiculous. (Photo: Gap)

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