Sunday, July 13, 2008

The cast of Battlestar Galactica wear some sexy clothes

I have been obsessed with the TV show Battlestar Galactica for more than a year now, and this obsession is not about to abate. The first half of the fourth (and last) season has been over for a month now but I still revisit episodes to watch my favorite scenes.
Normally when I watch the show, the clothes are the last thing that I pay attention to. Normally I'm more interested in the plot, the movie-quality effects, trying to figure out who the final Cylon get the gist. I nerd it up a lot. But I've recently started noticing the clothes.
Deborah Everton was the costume designer for the mini series and Glenne Campbell is the designer for many of the episodes in the series.
Most of the time the cast is in either a pilot uniform or a standard deck uniform consisting of a backwards tank top and loose pants. But some characters get to sex it up a notch and actually wear interesting (and wonderfully cut) clothes.

Let's start with Six, played by Tricia Helfer. Six is overtly sexual in her personality which is also reflected in the clothes that she wears. In the mini series, she wears several skintight, body-revealing clothes in order to seduce Gaius Baltar so she can hack into a military program to help the Cylons invade the world of Caprica.

Her clothes are not typically "sci-fi." I could see this outfit being worn by celebs on the red carpet today. But there is something about its construction that makes it futuristic. The bondage-like ribbons, the sea-blue colour, the revealing neckline make it a perfect match for a sexual robot.

And who could forget the little red dress? Very powerful, very sexual.

Gaius Baltar's clothing reflects his confidence, his arrogance, his complete narcissism. He loves a tailored suit and he loves to show off. His clothes always stand out but are not too flashy. He dresses the way he thinks an important man should dress.

But he also likes to show off his chest hair! He can be a little bit of a Hugh Hefner type with the lavish robe and the shirt undone at the top.

I find that these are the only two characters in the show who really get to have fun with their wardrobe. They are not part of the military so they don't have to dress as if they are in battle or going to the gym. So it's a real treat to see some sexy clothes in the show and it really shows off their personalities. I wish we could see more of the cast get to dress up a bit more, but since I guess they didn't bring a lot of clothes with them and their planet has been nuked, it makes sense to keep them in their fleet gear.

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